The Anthology of Aesthetics

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Lee Mounsey-Smith

About this Project:

A printed compendium of diverse and interesting visual themes; designed as an exploratory introduction towards these topics, as a curated gallery of ideas and a coffee table book. It’s a resource for creatives, designers and art-lovers alike, that provides an engaging and robust exhibition of unusual, rare and typically overlooked art movements, visual subcultures and graphic styles defined simply under the umbrella term of ‘aesthetics’. Each chapter of the Anthology breaks down the history, meanings and visuals for a specific aesthetic, while also providing a varied range of further resources and a poster.


The Anthology of Aesthetics has been created as a proof of concept towards an undertaking much larger in scope that will be completed outside of my university degree. While this project focuses on six key aesthetics, the extended concept will feature upward of twenty-five.


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