Michelle Killalea

Bachelor of Design (Honours) (Interactive Visual Design)

Area(s) of Practise:
Data Visualisation, People x Environment Interactions, Plants, Human Behaviour, Visual Art, Print Design

Designers' Statement:

As a design practitioner I am profoundly motivated by social and ecological issues. I work at the intersection of visual art and design. Exploring combinations of purposeful and experimental approaches to creating, with an emphasis upon design as a powerful catalyst for change. In my design practice, I am increasingly engaged with abstract processes to present disparate perspectives of the world we live in and to inspire curiosity.

My future goal is to work as a multidisciplinary designer, combining my love of visual art and design to conceptualise and produce interactive installation pieces for public spaces, museums and events.

Outside of design, I am intrigued by experiences in nature and observing human behaviour; this sense of curiosity is something I try to translate into my work.

My Project

Project Name: Strange Encounter