iMAGiNARiUM Socials

Project Type:
Digital, Photography

Saffron Lloyd

About this Project:

Social media is currently one of the most important tools for marketing events and businesses. It relies on a couple variables, executed well to translate from views to actual engagement. During my time as the social media coordinator and photo media documentation director I worked to develop and showcase content that aimed to excite and engage a target user. The designer profiles were my focus, shining the spotlight on a couple of standout designers who were willing to let me take an in-depth look into the development of their projects. This allowed the platforms to gain earned media from recognition while also promoting the designs that will be showcased. Still images, quotes and countdown posts in the branded colours with specific fonts and styles were used to break up the grid and add lightness to the shows image. A time intensive process can offer great rewards, our page was featured by QUT’s ‘The Dub Designers’ and also the globally recognised ‘The Design Kids’.