Francis & His Shell

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Shaliysh Robinson

About this Project:

Francis and His Shell is a picture book, for both children and adults. It is about a hermit crab in Hawaii who leaves his home in search for something better. He travels to many spots on the Big Island of Hawaii only to realise home is where he wants to be. This book was written by Taia Whitaker (a friend of mine) and edited, illustrated and produced by me.

It was created for many reasons. Firstly, to support Taia’s talents in writing and her full-time volunteer role in a non-for-profit based in Hawaii. Secondly, the story is partly a reflection of my time spent as a volunteer in Hawaii, as well as a reminder for people to appreciate their home and family. Finally, it serves to promote some of the most breath-taking sights that The Big Island of Hawaii has to offer.


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