Salvatore Fazio

Bachelor of Design (Honours) (Interactive Visual Design)

Area(s) of Practise:
Experience Design, Interaction Design, Heritage, Immersive Interactive Stories

Designers' Statement:

My passion is to design interactive experiences across multiple technologies by understanding people’s needs and motivations. I am interested in creating experiences in physical spaces and particularly for heritage locations.

I have an extensive knowledge around creating digital media and am very good at collaborating with other people. I have a background in the games industry as a programmer and have studied interaction design along with a minor in industrial design. This has allowed me to consider both the digital and physical space in my design approach. Whilst through my project I have been able to gain experience in making interactive performances.

I believe stories are central to our lives and society at large. My vision is to present stories that are important to our culture and values via compelling immersive experiences.

Outside of design, I enjoy my time with my family and spending time exploring the world with my young son.

My Project

Project Name: Skulduggery at Old Government House