Lauren Maher

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Interactive and Visual Design), Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

Area(s) of Practise:
Graphic Design, Print Design, Typography, Branding

Designers' Statement:

I love creating colourful and creative print works that communicate my outgoing and funky personality, whilst also promoting awareness around issues that I am passionate about. I ensure to sprinkle a little bit of me into every design I create through my use of colour palette, typography and design elements. I have a strong interest in creating aesthetic and unique works through combining my visual design skills with my creative mindset.

I aspire to work within a company that specialises in design works outside of a digital screen, and to be surrounded by a passionate and likeminded team. I want to be able to combine my love for the look, feel and even smell of print media, such as magazines and books, with my passion for visual and graphic design.

Outside of design I am passionate about sustainability and fashion.

My Project

Project Name: SUSTI