Project Type:
Mobile Game

Kevin K Han

About this Project:

This is a mobile game that the players can have a virtual pet called a “Hatchigotchi”. The game starts from the player finding the code for the virtual pets in the real world. Once they find and enter the code, the Hatchigotchi egg will be given. The player needs to take care of the egg and wait until it hatches successfully. Once the Hatchigotchi hatches it moves onto the next phase. The player should name own Hatchigotchi and play a Tamagotchi style game.

The player can treat the Hatchigotchi by feeding, playing, cleaning, and so on.

This virtual pet does not tell the player exactly what it needs or wants. This is to require and engage the players as let them study and analyse their pets to keep it happy. The interactions here are to approach human consciousness as the players is induced to think carefully before making interactions. It is believed this ‘empathic’ interaction will build affectionate bonds between the player and the game.

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