Data Doodles

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Emily Chatterton

About this Project:

A journal for 2020 that helps improve mindfulness through the creation of hand-crafted organisation, humanist data collection and illustrations. It is inspired by a range of principles drawn from bullet journaling, adult colouring, automatic drawing, data humanism and mindfulness-based art-therapy. The journal has been designed for those who are interested in increasing the amount of mindfulness in their daily lives but are too time poor to create their own layouts from scratch.

Each layout is half complete, prompting the user to add their own data in a way relating to each month’s overall theme. Users are encouraged to tracker their moods and habits each month to develop insight into how often they achieve their goals and what aspects of their lives they are seeking to improve. At the end of the year, this data can be transferred into the 2020 overall tracker spreads to see how they have progressed throughout the year and decide what their goals should be moving into the following year.

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